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Your Subscription: Once you are signed up and have decided what you would like to receive each week, we begin sprouting your Micgrogreens just for you! At this time we are starting our grow cycles on Wednesdays, so depending when you subscribe it could take up to 2 weeks before you receive your first delivery. Delivery is currently on Fridays. On the day before your scheduled delivery you will receive an email or text message to remind you to put out a cooler for us. The next day we deliver your fresh produce right to you door!

Delivery Area: At this time we have home and office delivery to the following locations: Honeymoon Bay, Lake Cowichan, Mesachie Lake, Youbou, and surrounding areas.

Products: At this time we have the following organic practice micgrogreens: broccoli, sunflower, pea, mustard, arugula, and radish. We look forward to expanding this list based on customer feedback. If you have a specific microgreen you would like us to grow for you please contact and we'll see if we can help. (All our products are prepared using Eco-friendly practices as well as compostable labelling and packaging)

Growth Cycles: Most Microgreens take around 2 weeks to grow and we refer to that period as the growth cycle. For example if we start a cycle on Wednesday the 1st of a month, you would receive that produce on Friday the 10th of that month, meanwhile on Wednesday the 8th we would have started your second cycle to be delivered on Friday the 17th, and so on.

Recurring Billing Cycle: At this time our billing date falls every Wednesday. You are billed in advance for the produce that you will receive 9 days later (Friday delivery).

Charges And Fees: Your Subscription fee (the price of your order including delivery fee if applicable) will be charged every Friday and will reoccur weekly. Free delivery on orders of $20.00 dollars or more! There is a $5.00 delivery fee on orders under $20.00 dollars.

Changing Your Order: Changes to your order can be made through the website once you are signed up. Charges and changes to your order take effect the following growth and billing cycles.

Pausing Your Subscription: We all need to get away once in awhile and we understand that. If you need to be away for any reason please contact, let us know when, for how long, and we will be glad to pause your subscription at the appropriate growth cycle as well as have your produce ready for your return!

Cancelling Your Subscription: Cancellations to your order must be given in writing by the Wednesday to avoid the charges for the billing cycle on Friday. Email


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