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Our delivery availability will begin in April 2024
Come visit us at the Cowichan Regional Market at the Lake Cowichan seniors center Dec 17, 2023
All ages welcome!

How It Works

Once you are signed up (no fees) and have decided what you would like to receive each week, we begin growing fresh microgreens just for you! The day before your scheduled delivery you will receive a text or email to remind you to put out a cooler for us. The next day we deliver your produce fresh to your door!


Why Microgreens?

These tasty little guys really pack a punch! Besides being really easy to add to just about anything, they contain many vitamins, minerals, and enzymes not available or as abundant in later parts of a plant growth. Gram for gram microgreens are incredibly nutrient dense, oh and they're also delicious!

Organic & Ecofriendly Practices

Starting with organic seeds, soils, and sanitizing products, we believe in bringing you nothing but nutritious foods without harmful chemicals. Compostable packaging, labelling, and Eco-friendly watering practices are just some of the ways we try to keep our footprint as small as possible.


Ideas And Recipes

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:
Sandwiches & Wraps - Microgreens are great in any Sandwich or wrap.
Juices & smoothies - Mix and match to your hearts delight.
Stir Frys - Great in stir fry's, try the Pea shoots first.
Soups - Add the greens after the soup is removed from the heat.
Salads - Make any salad better! Use as a topper or just add dressing to your Micro Mix.
Don't be afraid to get creative and enjoy!

Contact Us

Located in Youbou and Lake Cowichan

British Columbia Canada.

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